Love Letter

The people felt battered, and understandably so. The siege on their city had been disastrous. For 18 months, an imposing army had tightened a noose around them. As their food rations dwindled, so did their strength. Once starvation set in, the land forces moved in. The attack bloodied the captives’ bodies and souls. Some survivors … Continue reading Love Letter

Grace By Association

Only a single piece of evidence was permitted in this unholy courthouse. This courthouse where one individual set up himself as judge, jury, and executioner. And then, upon seeing the actions of this one individual, a second mortal soul did likewise. And another and another until the entire courthouse filled with blasphemous benches and tainted … Continue reading Grace By Association

The Acceptance Found In Rejection

Rejection is bad—through and through—or so I thought. When we are cast aside, dismissed, and overlooked, it cuts—deep and wide. The benefits of betrayal? None. The upsides of being downtrodden? Zero. The advantages of being abandoned? Seriously!? And then along comes this honest-to-goodness, 21st-century shepherd who completely upended my perspective on this: Healing Father, may … Continue reading The Acceptance Found In Rejection