Nineveh, O Nineveh

In a world bent on finger pointing here, there, and everywhere, the words of Brooke Ligertwood’s (video, lyrics) song remind me where I should point my finger first: Nineveh. O Nineveh, a place of injustice and indifference, selfishness and the burning embers of pride. Where is there rebellion instead of surrender?Turn my eyes there. Where … Continue reading Nineveh, O Nineveh

The Epic of Eden

I’m an in-the-weeds person. In the details is where I spend my days – spreadsheets, software code, recipes. I’m looking out for fuzzy caterpillars on the hiking trail while others admire the vistas. Sometimes (okay, often times) I can miss the big picture. It’s no different reading the Bible. I’m drawn to the details of … Continue reading The Epic of Eden